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TERRA GOLLUT film festival

TERRA GOLLUT film festival

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TERRA GOLLUT film festival is a contest of engaged cinema to social transformation.

"We are from the mountains, we are from inland. A village festival which extends to other villages. And to another places where culture does not usually reach. We open our eyes up to the world from the Pyrenees."

It is a project from Joaquim Roque, the director and intellectual promoter of the Gollut Festival in the six editions made so far. Which has shown national or international works that they focuse its attention on the audiovisual and photographic works that transmit values with social commitment, inform or denounce facts that affect the whole society or a part of it.

I want to inform you that I have decided to carry out a new project: the contest called TERRA GOLLUT film festival that will be the continuation and the natural evolution of the contest that I have organized until the moment with the implication and commitment that you all know.

Festivals are often left in the public awareness phase and prizes that are given only give the work a certain communicative relevance.

However, TERRA GOLLUT film festival goes one step further in leaving the "theory" to pay attention in the "practice". The main objective of the project is to go beyond the cinematic fact.

Cinema is a powerful tool that transforms consciousness, habits, attitudes ... Immersively and with activities that add value to films; testimonials, discussion boards, film forums, educational workshops ... We also want to reach another audience, viewers with social or humanitarian needs. Designing actions to take distance with their personal situation, that create empathy with other groups or problems that will help them to overcome their own situation. With cinema as an instrument to do so.

TERRA GOLLUT film festival originates in the Golluts de Ribes, a community of people who were discriminated against for their physical particularities until their complete disappearance in the mid-20th century. They measured less than 1.2 meters, most of them had goiter, a harmless but malformed malformation. Scientists who described them as epaulettes. Calling the Gollut pageant a public acknowledgment towards them.

El TERRA GOLLUT film festival open call in mid-February 2020.

For more information send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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